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When George Clinton asked his touring manager/daughter Barbarella Bishop why he was not on Ms. Keys’ new CD she replied “Because Dad, you take too long!”

Stefanie Keys is an Indie Rock Artist, based in Northern California. While the singer toured with Big Brother & The Holding Co. (2009-2014) singing Janis Joplin’s tunes, Stefanie continued to develop her own brand of soulful acoustic rock in her band project. For her first release, “Say You Will”. Getting signed to P-Funk record label “We Funk Records” and touring with Parliament Funkadelic as a featured artist (2007) and being a back up vocalist for George Clinton, was the chance to develop as an artist. She was right at home. Miss Keys was born into a musical family. Her passion for the road, family, and music, runs deep.

The diversity in her band project is about the songs, and her voice. She has attracted a line up of hot players based in the Bay Area and the band is all about fun and good music. Stefanie Keys’ third CD titled ‘Open Road’ Produced by guitar player Dave Shul (Spearhead) and co produced by Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) features Keys’ band members bringing an urban style to the forefront.

Working in Nashville, recording “Dead Horse Road” (2011), producer/brother and co writer Peter Keys brings in members of Lynyrd Skynyrd for the sessions to blaze a few “barn burners”.
Stefanie also tours with local Nashville artists Richie Owens & The Farm Beareu, leaning into her “rootsy” edge. At home in San Francisco, with her bay area band mates Dave Shul, Ronnie Smith, Dave Jess and Bob Crawford, the grooves have a deep pocket true to Bay Area style.

Stefanie is compared with Lucinda Williams and Grace Potter

“My Commitment to humanity is that all people have freedom and power to choose opportunities that express who they are. Having a voice makes a difference. We all have a voice. Own it. This is how we contribute to the world and peace on this planet. Say you will!!” -Stefanie Keys

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