Randy Tabor

Last Time

Randy Tabor studied at Ohio University, before he decided to enlist into the United States Army. He served from 1981 to 1987, with most of his time being spent in West Germany, where he was stationed. While serving, he received numerous Letters of Commendation for his meritorious conduct as an outstanding, professional, and prideful soldier. Solidifying the type of honorable person he was, after the 9/11 attacks, he reenlisted, to again serve his country, this time in Operation Iraqi Freedom/Noble Eagle.

While serving in the military, Randy’s occupational specialty became telecommunications. After leaving the service, this specialty evolved into the satellite communications, where he worked for multiple companies, including Pan Am Sat, Intelsat, and then most recently with Telesat. Through the years, his knowledge, experiences, and attitude gained much admiration and respect from his peers. Many considered Randy to be an industry leader, as well as a pioneer in the world of satellite communications.

Anyone that knew Randy personally, also knew about his overwhelming passion for playing the guitar, as well as collecting them. His love of music was evident to many within minutes of meeting him. If there was an opportunity to sit in front of an open mic, to sing and play his guitar, he wasn’t missing it.

It was this love of music that introduced Randy to Cancer Can Rock and us to him. Cancer Can Rock was holding a fundraising event at JV’s in Falls Church on what would normally be an open mic night. Randy showed up, ready to play, but saw, instead, a procession of professionals acts in a multi-band benefit concert. When he asked if he could play a song or two, initially he was rebuffed, as the continuity of the event was a concern.

That all changed the moment it was mentioned that Randy was fighting cancer. He got up on stage, did his thing, and was invited to be a Cancer Can Rock featured artist shortly thereafter. The lyrics to his song, “Last Time”, serve as a reminder to all of us to enjoy the moments we are given while we have the opportunity to do so.

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