Kimberley Dahme

I’m Looking Forward To Christmas

Kimberley Dahme is a lifelong singer-songwriter and entertainer with an extensive history in the music industry. Her career catapulted when she was asked to become the first female member of the legendary rock band BOSTON in 2002. Kimberley performed before 74,000 people at the Fiesta Bowl and has entertained millions of television viewers worldwide. She has toured across the globe as a part of BOSTON and as a solo artist with her own independent albums. Kimberley’s music mixes classic rock, blues, and contemporary country.

Kimberley joined us in December of 2022 and provided a little more background:

My engagement with BOSTON ended in 2014.  I’ve been writing music my whole life and have a huge unrecorded library of music I haven’t been able to record yet.

When I was diagnosed with BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) the main thing I regretted was not being able to hear any of my originals recorded properly since 2008.  I have always been hired to sing or play other peoples music, which I enjoy, but I’ve desperately wanted to record one of my newer songs.  Cancer Can Rock has given me that opportunity.

BIA-ALCL is such a rare cancer that I’m only #1035 out of millions of people who get breast implants every year.  One reason for participating with Cancer Can Rock was to bring more awareness to this particular cancer variant.  

Kimberley’s song, “I’m Looking Forward to Christmas”, co-written with Nick Branch, is so fun and festive that we feel like she chose the right song, especially given the time of its release, and we hope it will become a Christmastime staple for many years to come.

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