James Allan Little

Cry Me a River

Jim is a musician and photographer who expresses his creativity through music and images. When he is not taking photos for his wife’s food website, he can be found in his home studio listening, watching, jamming and producing his own music.

His earliest memories around music are from the age of 5 years old. He would sit on the stairs of their 2-story home, well after he should have been in bed, listening to and watching the singing, dancing and live music at his parents’ parties. Early the next morning he would sneak downstairs and see his uncle Albert sleeping in a chair with his guitar case on the floor beside him. Jim would silently open the case, gaze at the guitar and softly pluck the strings being careful not to wake anyone.

Over the years Jim’s interest in music continued and he began to write, sing and perform his own songs on guitar. That eventually led to designing his own home recording studio and producing his own work. As a retirement project, Jim gathered 12 of his best original songs and set out to preserve and create his legacy. With the powerful recording software out there, he began to produce a body of work that showcases his writing, playing, singing and filmmaking and production skills.

His musical influences include the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen and Led Zeppelin.  He was most influenced and touched by a band he played with for many years called MR.JD. A garage band experience. The music lasts forever.

During the final stages of Jim’s recording project, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and began the grueling journey through chemotherapy, surgery and recovery. Today he is cancer free.

It was through this journey that he discovered ‘Cancer Can Rock’. Through their generosity and sponsorship, the organization offered this incredible opportunity to work with real pros. It truly was a dream come true.

The journey continues as Jim works toward completing his vision and begins to share it with his family, friends and the Cancer Can Rock family.

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