Glenn Ralph

Glimpse of Hope

Glenn Ralph is 59 years old and has been a vocalist in many regional bands since 1978 including the following:

  • Legacy
  • Babyface
  • Face First
  • Overlord
  • August

Glenn also recorded (in Nashville) with Allen Crane which gained him some worldwide recognition.

Glenn began his battle with liver cancer in September 2019, which was found during another surgery involving his kidneys.  He feels that the fact that it was found was miraculous as he had no symptoms at all at the time. Had the Surgeon not seen the lesions on his liver, Glenn doubts if he would have survived to fight it at all.

Regarding his in studio experience with Cancer Can Rock, Glenn said this: “I am very grateful to Cancer can Rock for asking me to be a part of this great cause, and giving me to opportunity to share my music with everyone.

Glenn, it was our pleasure, and we’re thankful that you were able to bring a “Glimpse of Hope” to what has been a rather dismal 2020.

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