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Some Q&A with David…

When and how did you first get started in music?

I have loved listening to music most likely before I was even released from my mother’s womb. Ironically, it was just a few years back recently that my feelings finally got the best of me. Somehow creating noise became a form of healing within my own personal sound defined by music.

What instruments do you play?

Guitar (Novice)

What inspires you to write?

Interestingly enough it’s while I’m feeling a certain way within a moment that pulls me into picking up my guitar; it’s not until a certain rhythm takes over that my words come out.

Name some of your favorite musical acts and influences and how they influence you.

Honestly I love all kinds of music, period. I’ve seen Breaking Benjamin twice in StL and once in Florida. Definitely one of my favorite bands. I remember buying their Saturate album the second after I heard them on the radio years back. I’ve been a fan ever sense. I’ve seen Rolling Stones, Story of the Year, Anberlin, John Michael Montgomery, George Strait, Tom Petty (RIP), Three Days Grace, Bush, 3 Doors Down among others. The last band I went to see was ‘The 1975’ when in NYC a few years back. Currently I recently came across a band titled ‘The Midnight’ and I can’t stop listening to their music. I’m actually planning on seeing them come March in Miami this coming year.

When did you find out you had cancer?

July of 2020

How did you feel when you heard?

I can say I felt pretty disappointed to be honest as I was told at the time I had a 20% possibility of cancer while 80% chance I didn’t have cancer.

How has your outlook changed since you first heard?

All I can say is there has to be a reason. I am blessed and fortunate to have been born while even more living a life of 41 years thus far. Within life comes 2 guarantees; Taxes and Death. My outlook: Death becomes reason, taxes, not so much.

How did you find out about Cancer Can Rock?

Reading and or viewing enough online stories of cancer itself showed me a link of ‘Cancer Can Rock’. Seeing that alone had me pretty interested in finding out more.

What would you tell the next Cancer Can Rock Artist to expect?

I’d say take it all in and let yourself go. Enjoy every moment.

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