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Cinder Ernst’s smile has always lit up the room. It still does.

In June of 2019 Cinder got off her motorcycle and couldn’t walk. It turned out she has Multiple Myeloma, metastatic to the bone; a treatable, but not curable, blood cancer.

At diagnosis, Cinder was in kidney failure, had 9 fractured ribs, a fractured sacrum, collapsed spine, and apparently a high pain tolerance.

Asking herself what would make living more appealing than dying…she decided to only do what she wanted to do.

This decision led her into the world of “sync songwriting” where she joyfully collaborates with people from around the globe. Cinder is a sought-after songwriter with the stage names “OG Cinder” and “Cinder Shine”.

Endless chemo keeps the tumors at bay.  Cinder’s motto is “Fun! Fun! Fun! Dead.” as she describes in her interview.

“Unbreakable Heart” is her song and her spirit.

Cinder commented, “I was thrilled beyond belief to be welcomed on to the Cancer Can Rock stage! I was a star for the day in every way. I had so much fun, laughter and we made some great music.”

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