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In January of 2000, Christine Baze quit her day job as a therapist to pursue her one true passion full time – music. She was at a point in her music career where she could see herself doing it for the rest of her life. A few months later, everything changed when Baze, then 31, was diagnosed with cervical cancer with extensive lymphatic invasion. Ten days after her diagnosis, she underwent a radical hysterectomy, a month after that, a laparoscopic procedure. Christine then went through daily pelvic radiation, chemotherapy and brachytherapy (internal radiation). The music stopped and Baze fought for her life. Surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy replaced rehearsals, gigs and songs.

Baze fought the good fight and won, and learned A LOT about cervical cancer, HPV, and the importance of attending annual GYN visits and advocating for the best pap and HPV testing.  Baze took her experiences and her love of music and decided to make a difference, getting her message out to women everywhere.

In 2003, she started a non-profit organization called ‘The Yellow Umbrella Organization’ (then to raise awareness about preventing cervical cancer. She created the ‘Yellow Umbrella Tour’ which made hundreds of stops in rock clubs across the country. With the invention of the HPV vaccine in 2006, she then took the Tour into Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges – continuing to use music to educate others about what THEY could do to STOP a cancer: The HPV Vaccine, The Liquid Pap Test, and The HPV Test.

Then, on October 1, 2018,  at 49 years old, Baze was told she would have to fight again.  This time: Breast Cancer.  In shock and disbelief, she stepped into battle and is kicking cancer’s ass once again. 

Originally from Elmira, NY, Baze currently lives and works in Salem, MA where she works as an outpatient mental health therapist at Mass General Brigham and has a private practice of her own.  Grateful for life, she continues to do passionate and meaningful work by utilizing her educational, personal and professional experiences as a musician, therapist, survivor and activist to make a difference in the quality of lives – both individually and systemically… and rock on and on and on with a smile on.  ?

You can also view Christine on the BIG screen as she is one of 5 women featured in the award winning documentary “Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic.”  Of note, Christine was named one of MS. magazine’s “50 Women of the Year” in 2003, she was given a Presidential Leadership Award in 2005, and in 2007 was named one of the nine “Women Who Shape the World” in Shape magazine.  In addition, she has shared the stage and opened for a number of national musicians including, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds, Kaki King and The Fray.

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