Goodnite Neverland

“Two dreamers came together not knowing quite what would happen. They came together with a shared love for music that moved them, music that helped them through the dark times, and celebrated life and all of its mysteries. From the beginning, the music has been accessible and powerful. Their voices blended together like they had been singing with each other forever. After a few open mics in a dark lit bar, a commitment was made to their friendship, and to the music. The duo would call themselves Goodnite Neverland, and chase the dream as far as it led them. And so, Jesse Baskin and Sarah Marks started just like Peter Pan and Wendy heading off to a place between “sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming.” Sarah didn’t know how it could possibly fit into the life she had built with her family and a successful career, but Jesse helped show her how the music could actually lead her to form deeper connections with family, clients, and friends. All Jesse knew was that he needed Sarah and the music to help battle his own demons. The songs started coming, and they required both Jesse and Sarah to be fully realized. The dream started becoming a reality and they remembered the promise–they held tight to each other every step of the way. They found friends and fellow dreamers, whose passion for the music equaled their own. Like the rag tag lost boys from the story, they played together and poured their passion into every note. “

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